How to Maintain the Best Environment for your Plants on the AEVA / EVE 

We will discuss about how we can keep our garden clean, replenish water and nutrition that the plant needs.

Maintenance for your garden is important. We will go through our easy 8 week maintenance  cycle. A task check-list in our manual (link to similar on page 31).  

Your main tasks for the maintenance cycle are:
1) Check on plants
2) Check the water reservoir
3) Add nutrients
4) Check the roots
5) Clean the water reservoir and unit 
You do not need to do some of these tasks every week. 

For each week, you should check your plants. Pull off any browning or dying leaves. Harvest consistently when your plants are ready to eat. If the plant is larger than 6 inches, you should support it by a stake inserted underneath the plants. Also check that your plants are properly positioned in their pods. 

For each week, you should also check on your water levels. Only add nutrients every 2 weeks (indicated in manual). You can also check out How to Add Nutrients and Water to your Plants (link) to better maintain plant growth. 

For each week, check the roots. Make sure that it is not longer than 3 inches. You should also trim the sides if the roots are bulky. If it is longer, please trim your roots as it will allow proper water flow in the unit and reduce chances of leaks. 

Around 8 weeks, clean your water reservoir. For the water reservoir, wipe the inside of any accumulation of debris or salt buildup. If there are any debris in the filter at the bottom, you can clean it as well. You should also run a cycle of H202 if you notice any buildup of salts or other materials in the tubes.

For each week, clean your unit. Wipe off any debris, splashed water or nutrient runoff to maintain the visual appeal of your unit. 

If you notice there are reoccurring salt stains on the front face of your unit, please check the roots of the plants in your garden. If the roots are longer than the recommended 3 inches, they will cause a small leak in your unit.

For descaling your unit: 
We recommend using H2O2 if there is any blockage in your water pipes. We only recommend an 8-week maintenance schedule for your garden to keep it clean and keep your plants safe from any bacteria. 

For descaling visuals, check our manuals and the video on How to Clean your Garden

To descale: 
1) Remove the bottom pods and utilize the quick grab tool to grab roots that may be stuck in the drain and other debris.

2) Remove ALL your plants from your unit and place the plants in a container filled with cold water.

3) Empty the water reservoir. You can save the nutrient water in another container for re-use or pour it down the sink.

4) Fill the now empty water reservoir with warm water 

5) Add hydrogen peroxide per the labels instructions. 

6) Make sure the drain is directly above the reservoir to allow your AEVA/EVE to flush properly.

7) Allow the pump to run continuously for 20-30 minutes. You can achieve this by disconnecting the black box from the pump.

8) After allowing the pump to run, unplug the pump and reconnect the black box. Rinse out the water reservoir and the pump. Return the nutrient water back into the reservoir and the pods back in the AEVA/EVE.

9) Plug the pump back into the power cord and you have now completed the descaling process.