How to Clean Your Garden

Learn all the steps to cleaning your garden including using your H202 Line Cleaner

Cleaning your indoor garden shouldn't be a hassle. We've worked hard to make sure you don't. 

We recommend you clean out your garden once every 3 - 6 months and when you restart your garden if you've had it off while you were on vacation or over the summer. 

The entire cleaning process takes about 25 minutes from start to finish, you will need about 5 minutes of work and 20 minutes of waiting (the perfect amount of time for a quick Netflix show perhaps?). 

To clean your garden you need: a small bowl or plate (your seedling kit lid works too!), access to water, some gloves for cleaning, your H202 line cleaner, and a rag.

Check out our video guide here on how to clean your garden. 


  1. Unplug your pump 
  2. Remove your water reservoir 
  3. Empty reservoir and wipe out any salt buildup or extra material left in your garden 
  4. Add warm water and 10 ml of H202 or what is indicated on your bottle!
  5. Put your reservoir back in your unit 
  6. Remove your plants
  7. By-pass your pump timer (ie. plug the pump directly into its power cord) 
  8. Run for 20 minutes straight
  9. While the pump is running wipe down the top of your garden to get rid of any salt buildup or other mess on the top 
  10. After 20 minutes take your reservoir out 
  11. Dump the H202 water down the drain 
  12. Refill your reservoir with cold water and dose with 10 ml of A & B nutrients 
  13. Return your reservoir to your garden 
  14. Reattach the pump to its timer 

All done your garden is cleaned and good to go! We recommend you do this cleaning procedure every 3 - 6 months or whenever you are restarting your garden after a long period of having it off. 

If you have any questions please reach out to our support team: or via our live chat where we are online from 9 AM - Midnight EST 7 days per week.