How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes

Here's a guide on what to expect for your cherry tomatoes and when to harvest your efforts!

Please refer to seedling kit instructions from the manuals or from our article: How to Start Growing from Seeds to Seedlings that are Transplant Ready?

Now here is what to expect. 

Your cherry tomatoes are flowering plants, meaning that you will be seeing flowers before the cherry tomatoes. Once you see flowers you will need to set your light timer to be on 12 hours a day and may use different nutrients (more details below). To successfully be able to harvest more of your cherry tomatoes, you need to do pollination (more details below). 

General Conditions: 
Best temperatures: 21°C - 26°C 

Nutrients: Start with the regular amount of nutrients like any other Just Vertical plant growth process. Once the flowers start to bloom, you will start with a fresh reservoir and add 30ml of Aqua Flores A and 30ml of Aqua Flores B.  You will then add 10ml of Flores A and 10ml of Flores B every two weeks 
  •     Each capful is equivalent to 10mL 

Life Cycle and Plant Care:
Cherry Tomatoes take around 5-10 days to germinate.  

It takes around 4 weeks to see flowers. You will then start adding the Flores A and Flores B accordingly. Then start pollination. To pollinate, just use your fingers to gently tap and shake the flowers a few times so that the pollen goes into the stigma. Pollinating will only need to be done once per flower (though it doesn’t hurt to try a few more times) so this procedure only needs to be done 3 times per week (the more the higher the better). 

Other great ways to pollinate include adding a fan that blows over your plants moving the pollen naturally, using a paintbrush to rub the flowers, and simply knocking on the side of your garden to cause the whole unit to vibrate. 

You can harvest your cherry tomatoes around 7-9 weeks from germination. You can harvest them by either taking 1/3 of them at a time or take the whole plant.