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How to Start Growing from Seeds to Seedlings that are Transplant Ready?

We will provide you with a few tips on how to start growing with your seedling kit to be ready for transplant.

When you order seeds from us, you are getting the guarantee of seeds that we have tested ourselves. If any of our seeds don't germinate within 21 days we will replace them for free.  Seeds are a living thing and sometimes they don't germinate, so don't worry if a few don't come out right away. 

The germination times are stated on our seed packets. You can also consult our manuals for more information. 

Let's get started! 

Your Seedling Kit should have:
1. Vent with USB-C Plug-In
2. USB-C Cable 
3. USB Power Brick
4. Dome 
5. Grow Tray
6. Bottom Tray
7. Wooden Cover 

Video demonstration: 

1. Take 18 peat moss plugs. Place in 1-2 seeds per peat moss plug that you’ve taken. 

2. Put the 18 peat moss plugs into the black grow tray.

3. Fill bottom tray halfway with cold water.

4. Place the black grow tray with the peat moss plugs inserted into the water.

5. Spray the inside of the dome with warm water and place on top. Keep vents open.

6. Plug the light in the vent attached into a USB-C cable and plug into a wall. This light
will run 24/7. 

7. Leave your plants and let them grow, moving them periodically to ensure plants are not leaning towards the light.

8. Once plants are touching the top of the dome, they are ready to be transplanted.

Video demonstration: 

To transplant, push out seedlings from bottom opening in the grow grid with a sharp object (like a chopstick or pencil) and then place the seedlings into the plant pot in your garden.