How to Grow Baby Cucumbers

Here's a guide on what to expect for your baby cucumbers and when to harvest your efforts!

Please refer to seedling kit instructions from the manuals or from our article: How to Start Growing from Seeds to Seedlings that are Transplant Ready?

Now here is what to expect. 

Your baby cucumbers are flowering plants, meaning that you will be seeing flowers before the baby cucumbers. Once you see flowers you will need to set your light timer to be on 12 hours a day and may use different nutrients (more details below). To successfully be able to harvest more of your baby cucumbers, you need to do pollination (more details below). 

General Conditions: 
Best temperatures: 18°C - 25°C 

Nutrients: Start with the regular amount of nutrients like any other Just Vertical plant growth process. Once the flowers start to bloom, you will start with a fresh reservoir and add 30ml of Aqua Flores A and 30ml of Aqua Flores B.  You will then add 10ml of Flores A and 10ml of Flores B every two weeks 
  •     Each capful is equivalent to 10mL 

Life Cycle and Plant Care:
Baby cucumbers take around 14-21 days to germinate.   

You should start adding the Flores A and Flores B accordingly once the plant blooms. There are two types of flowers - male flowers and female flowers. The male flowers have simple stalks while female flowers are at the ends of miniature fruits. The plant will require a specific pollination process after it blooms of using a paintbrush to touch the male flower and then the female flower. 

It takes 50-55 days for the plant to mature after transplanting. You can harvest when the plant is near maturity when the baby cucumbers are around 2-3 inches long. Only harvest the mature baby cucumbers for optimal taste.