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What if all of my Seeds Germinated in one Plug?

Congratulations! Your seeds have all sprouted. In some cases, one or two of them will need to be removed from your peat moss plug. In this article, we will explain when you will need to and how.

Let's start with why one or two of your plants need to be removed from the peat moss plug.
It is because some plants can be competitive with space. 

Smaller plants that sprout out are fine to grow together with 2-3 of other plants of its own kind. Generally, these plants that can live together are herbs. However, larger plants will require more space. We have created 2 lists below - of plants that can live happily together and the ones that are best off on their own. 

Can live together: 
1. Peppermint (3 seeds max per plug) 
2. Chives (3 seeds max per plug) 
5. Dill (2 seeds max per plug) 
6. Basil (2 seeds max per plug) 

Best on their own (1 seed max per plug):  
1. Green Butter Lettuce 
2. Red Butter Lettuce 
3. Pak Choi 
4. Mustard Greens

Now, if you happen to have more plants for the ones that are best on their own in one plug, we will teach you how to fix it. 

First, you need to wait for the plants to grow more in your AEVA / EVE unit. Then when it is the size of approximately 3 inches, you can start the process called thinning. 

How to thin your plants: 
1. Pick the smallest plants that are extra(s) in your plug
2. Use a pair of scissors to cut the stem of the smallest plant(s) that are in your plug 

Thinning ensures that there is enough space for the plants to grow.