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Replacing Lights and Timer Box in the AEVA

Follow along here for step-by-step instructions on how to replace your lights or timer box in the AEVA

Tools Needed: 

  • Drill or screwdriver with a star head bit and a square head bit 
  • Replacement lights and timer box 
  • Cloth to clean up any water drops


  1. Unplug the pump
  2. Empty reservoir and remove water tank, make sure no water is left in the irrigation lines or pipes and wipe up any drips on your cabinet 
  3. Pull all plugs running out the back of the cabinet to the inside of the cabinet 
  4. Lay the garden down on its back. If you have a hardwood floor we recommend putting down a towel or blanket to ensure you don't scratch your floor. 
  5. Unplug the all cords from the timer box 
  6. Remove the 4 black screws using the star head bit and your drill 
  7. Remove the white light holder from inside the cabinet 
  8. Remove the light shade from the lights 
  9. Pull the lights through the bottom of the cabinet. There will be some friction especially as they pass through at the end. 
  10. Put in replacement lights the same way you took your other lights out 
  11. Pass the cords through the white light holder and screw it back in place 
  12. Replace your light shade 
  13. Put your controller box back into where it was on the unit and turn the dimmer dial off 
  14. Plug your lights back into your controller box 
  15. Stand your unit up 
  16. Plug your controller box back into the power source 
  17. Turn your controller box on and reset the time per your manual
  18. Put the reservoir back inside the unit