Plants Dying Immediately on Transplanting?

Are you finding that your plants are dying suddenly when you transplant them from your seedling kit to your AEVA or EVE? Let us help you out.

Sorry this is happening, we definitely can help you out though! 

This issue happens most commonly when you are using well water or another alternative water source as our instructions are designed for standard municipal water. Don't worry though as we can get this solved for you! 

The most common things we see in well water are: 

1) The pH of the water is a little high

2) It is very hard water

This creates a difficult environment for the plants where our nutrients are most likely binding to the metals and causing an issue in  growth.

Luckily there are some relatively easy solves for this. 

Please reach out to us at and we can get out to you:

1) A light for your seedling kit: this will allow you to grow the plants a little larger in your seedling kit. Ideally we want them to be a few inches tall, however in your case because of the hard water it is better if we can get them a little bigger so they are a little more resilient when they go into the unit. 

2) A pH/ec digital meter, this will allow you to monitor the pH and metal levels of your water so we can get it bang on. Our instructions are made for city water so we will need to adjust how you dose your nutrients. When we get the next set of plants in lets start from a fresh tank and add less nutrients each time. 

3) A pH down. This is a small bottle that will reduce the pH in your tank to the ideal level for the plants. 

In summary we will: grow the plants a little bigger before putting them in the unit, use less nutrients, and monitor the pH. 

We would like to send this all to you free of charge of course and include some seeds to make up for the ones you lost. 

Please reach out to us and provide us your original order number and address.