Minor Defects & Damages

We apologize that there were minor defects on your units and products. We will fix it right away.

If your seeds are not germinating for 21 days, it is completely normal. Seeds are living things and sometimes some of them do not sprout. If this is the case, we can send you a new pack.
Please send us:
1) Your order number 
2) How you have planted them
3) The name of the seed(s) that did not germinate 

If your unit or physical products have a few scratches or bumps, it could be a shipping issue. Please send us: 
1) Your order number 
2) Pictures and description of the issue 

Once your email is sent to support@justvertical.com, we will get back to you as soon as possible, but no longer than 48 hours, to fix it right away.