How to Prevent Leggy Plants

You may have noticed that your plant has a very long stem but very few leaves, this is described to be a leggy plant.

Plants are leggy when there is an excess of water and are not exposed to enough light. 

Since the plant wants to get more sunlight, it stretches closer to the light. The long stems can weaken the plant and make it dangerous as it can break more easily.  

We can control plants from becoming leggy when it is growing in the seedling kit. First, we want to reduce the amount of water it is exposed to by soaking the plugs for 15 minutes each day only. The peat moss plugs should be moist to the touch but should not be soaked. We also need to ensure that the plants are getting enough light near a brighter area. If you are using a USB LED light, make sure the plants are close by where the light is and move each plug's location around in the growing grid once every few days.