How to Prevent the Cat(s) from Eating my Plants?

This articles goes through what you can do to prevent your cat(s) from eating your plants.

Our gardens are designed to be stable and can easily take a cat jumping up on it or around it. That being said at the end of the day you know your pet best!

However, what if they are going to eat your plants? Here is a way to prevent it without harming your cat(s) or your plants. 

Homemade solution: Create a diluted regular white vinegar water spray. 

Cats dislike the smell of vinegar. Creating a diluted vinegar water that you can spray onto your plants can repel your cat(s) from eating your plants. Both cats and plants are safe from the diluted vinegar water spray. 

However, you can also choose other options such as custom Plexiglass and plastic solution we could integrate for you.  

Alternatively, you could plant catnip in your bottom most plant sites so that your cats are distracted by this plant and leave the rest of your garden alone. 

Contact us through if you are interested in the Plexiglass and plastic solution, we will provide you with more information.