Algae Removal

Have you recently noticed green spots on your growing pods? Do not worry, this is algae. In this article, we will go through ways to kill and remove algae from your garden.

Algae is a type of plant commonly found on surfaces and in water. Algae grows like any other plant when there are high levels of nutrients, warmer temperature and abundant light, which is the case in your garden.

Algae is safe to eat (and considered a delicacy!). However, we want to get rid of it as it can slow root growth. 

To clear algae, please put a capful of the H2O2 line cleaning solution from your growing kit into a spray bottle and top off the spray bottle with water. You can then spray it onto the algae or the turning green spots of your pods. You should see the green algae start to rapidly bubble or 'fizz' from the H202. Once the fizzing stops, generally about 30 seconds please wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel.