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Non-germinated seeds

Seeds germination depends on various factors such as warmth, humidity and the germination rate of the seeds. At Just Vertical we give you the best possible chance at germination with the use of our seedling kit backed up with our seeds guarantee.

Did you make use of the seedling kit that comes with your AEVA or EVE? 

In order to get the best chance of germination it is important to make use of the seedling kit. We recommend germinating in the seedling kit before transplanting into your AEVA or EVE.

Has it been 21 days since you planted your seeds in the seedling kit and there has been no germination?

If yes, please send an email to support@justvertical.com with your order number and the seeds that did not germinate. If it has been more than 21 days since you planted your seeds we will refund the full amount you paid for the seeds so you can purchase more.