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Plants not getting water

Step by step procedure to follow if your plants are not getting water.

  1. Are the peat moss plugs 'bone-dry'? 
  2. Is the water in the reservoir above the minimum line?
  3. Is the pump running?
  4. Is the pump plugged into the timer?
  5. Is the timer plugged into the power bar?
  6. Are the pins in the timer in the correct position? Try switching to 'outlet on' mode

  7. Is the power bar turned on? There is a switch on it.
  8. Is the power bar and GFCI plugged into the wall?
  9. Try pressing the reset button on the GFCI and checking the power bar again
  10. Try plugging the power bar directly into the wall.  If it turns on only without the GFCI, the GFCI is detecting water has spilled onto your electronics somehow.
  11. Check there is power to that outlet in your home.
  12. Try turning the system off for 5 minutes and then turning it back on.
  13. Check that the supply line is connected to the pump.

If none of the above steps work please email us at support@justvertical.com