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Stunted Plant Growth

The major reason for stunted growth in plants are: Inadequate watering, cold or warm air drafts, nutrient deficiencies and not enough or too much exposure to light.

How much nutrients have you been adding to the reservoir?

Starting from a fresh reservoir, you should add 20mL of Vega A and 20mL of Vega B nutrients to the water in your reservoir. After 2 weeks you should only be adding 10mL of Vega A and 10mL of Vega B on a biweekly basis. For small nutrient bottles each cap full is equivalent to 10mL. Adding too much or too little nutrients will adversely affect your plants. 

Is your AEVA or EVE placed near any vents?

Placing your unit near any vents can expose your plants to either cold drafts or warm drafts of air which could stunt your plants growth. Please make sure your unit is not placed any vents. 

What are the current settings on your timers?

Another major reason for stunted growth in plants is inadequate watering and lighting. We recommend at least 18 hours of light for leafy greens and herbs and 12 hours of light for flowering plants. Please refer to the manuals or visual guides for your AEVA or EVE in order to make sure that both your light timer and pump timer are set properly.